Laurie Aselin’s skydive

/Laurie Aselin’s skydive

Laurie Aselin has 4 brothers but has always been closest to her brother Gary. They had a rough upbringing and struggled through some difficult times together. Gary Dawson was an avid skydiver and BASE jumper. He absolutely lived for it. He eventually moved to New Zealand where he became a well-known skydiving instructor. One Christmas morning Laurie got the worst call a person can get. Gary had died BASE jumping along with another close family friend. Christmas has never been the same.

Laurie had always promised Gary that she would go skydiving with him to feel the exhilaration that he had made his life’s pursuit, but sadly he passed away before she could. After jumping with founder Matt Blank she exclaimed, “I feel like someone sucked a heavy ball of sadness out of me”.

There are a lot of ghosts around the sky family campfire and it’s important to remember that we don’t completely lose the ones that loved us and if we miss them all we have to do is search out the things they loved and they’ll be right there waiting for us, pushing us to excel.


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